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Never Merely Settle for the Ordinary. Instead, Strive to ‘LIVE LEGENDARY’.


Digital Event

When a ‘Legend’ drove into a living room and into hearts. 

Sophisticated and grand the launch of the New 2021 Jeep Compass featured key stakeholders from Detroit and Tokyo and as well as passionate Jeepers across India. We wove everything into a seamless and compelling narrative anchored by the inimitable Partha Datta, President and MD FCA India.

A grand living room set with a drive in porch became the stage for all the action to unfold. In keeping with Jeep brand’s ask to remain authentic in style and presentation - it was a challenge to make the chroma transitions minimal. Shot on Arri Alexa with precision motion control rigs for special transitions on set and an extensive outdoor shooting schedule - the moment of truth was when the new Jeep Compass drove onto the set in one seamless movement from the world outside onto the porch on the set. 

"The pressure was on, the timelines were short, the expectations were high and your team nailed it’ that’s what the client said. For us at Communique the  Jeep Compass launch was about passion and love for creating something truly magical in virtual events. Yes, this new year has been special in more ways than one.

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