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​We all are different. We just look in the same direction.

At Communique, respect for a diverse group of individuals is built into the core organizational ethos. Our approach to hiring and nurturing our people is built around competencies, which we believe are independent of categorizations across gender, religion, ethnicity, caste, physical ability or sexual orientation.


However, we also understand the biases faced by some groups over past decades and thus, we consciously work towards empowering such groups, especially the women in our team. We are co-founded by a woman, and some of our top performers and leading team members are also women. We remain consciously aware and open to offering opportunities to a variety of people, including members of the LGBTQ community and the differently abled.


It has been our constant effort to ensure that Communique remains a thriving community of individuals who bring mutual respect, varied capabilities, myriad perspectives and worldviews to the workspace.

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