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Brand Activations

Find Your Match Theme


People Walked-in


People Engaged at Arena Vibe Check & Arena  SuperCar


People posed at the Celerio Comic Wall


Visited the ComicCon

Dial Up Imagery For Tech and Connected Credentials Of Maruti Suzuki Arena by Leveraging Find Your Match Theme. Drive shareable engagements around on display cars- BREZZA & CELERIO.

Celebrating the Comic Con pop culture through engaging tech experiences, at MS ARENA Superhero Arcade. Engage participants in shareable experiences followed by personalizing their Superhero Car. An opportunity to pose with the larger than life Celerio Comic Wall.

A 3d Volumetric display, allowing people to find their vibe and replicate their Superhero Moves. 3D Holofan configurator, allows people to personalize their SuperCar.

Visitors get to be a part of the Comic Illusion with Celerio. Participants received a shareable compilation video, of their experience. A 7 day Social Strategy for maximized social buzz.

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