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Live Events


Audi was truly excelled at what it wanted to achieve with the launch and Media Drive of the E-Tron and showcased it successfully in the eyes of its customers.

The Audi E-Tron media Drive was aimed at providing a unique experience through regular drives and visits to the dealerships for a 15-20 day event. This was organised for only media personnel/press. 

The idea was to cater to a customer base that would really drive sales and also create awareness about the E-Tron. A media drive spanning 15 days respectively in Delhi and Mumbai required a theme and execution that would go beyond anything that people had seen before. Cars and drivers were to be allotted for the media personnel who would be giving them a fabulous ride which included stopping at Audi dealerships to witness the charging process and features of the new E-Tron. The cars would be returned to the dealerships by the end of day and would be prepped for the next day.

The customer journey is considered essential by Audi, so it had to be top-notch including the test drives. The Media drive event had quite a few steps to it. All the cars allotted for the event had an adequate number of masks, sanitiser sprays, and pairs of gloves. The safety and security of the media personnel on the drive have been kept in mind.

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