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To identify, foster, and reward the biggest, most unique, and active gaming community on Facebook Groups and encourage its members to build and grow their own gaming communities.

Giving a boost of adrenaline to Facebook Groups, we focused on the large and far-reaching gaming community across India. The goal of the challenge was to find the most engaged and active community of gamers who are passionate about their hobby and dedicated to building a positive and inclusive space for their members. With the help of a strategically planned 9-month journey, we have made 750+ gaming communities with approx. 5,674,736 total members in their Facebook Group with regular mentorship and guidance we were able to obtain potential case study for all 15 participants who have grown their community by more than an average of 60%.

We successfully gained 1800+ registrations from pan India via an integrated marketing strategy in merely 3 months. In the next phase, we developed a plan to engage, share ideas, motivate, and educate the audience, and created interesting challenges related to the community to help build and encourage member participation. Hosted virtual sessions to discuss topics related to community building and engagement. Monitored the group and analyzed the growth metrics of each group to see their growth.

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