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Committed to Bringing the Best of Technology Through Work in AI


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Showcase how Google is committed to bringing the best of technology through work in AI. Where Google shares their progress on building AI-powered and India-first innovations that reflect the country's unique opportunities

A Deconstructed, Sustainable set design, to host a unique Tech Driven Exhibition Experience with a uniquely Indian flavor. Introducing the Sandbox Experience that elevated concepts to create larger than life experiences for various Google products. Well spread out engagements with an intimate setting that kept the space buzzing at all times  

A landmark venue - Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Sandbox experience used the latest technologies for 6 product demo zones. Simple, clean , modern structure as key background, layered with colourful graphics to create a striking impact.

Bold wall/ Wooden frame treatments in formation with G4IN Icons, Tiles, fabrics with prints, props, screens.   Modular solutions for zoning and defining key areas.

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