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Experiential celebration of India


KOFs in attendance

A celebration of the unwavering and undying spirit of India, and its 75 years of Independence. To show up as a deeply, locally relevant brand and produce work that dials up cultural connect.

An experiential celebration of India and its progress, potential & people, by Google. A unique outdoor exhibition experience set amidst nature at the Sunder Nursery, celebrating 75 years of Independence. Creating a celebratory environment through colours and decor that capture the vibe. With a strong  sense of achievement through a Kite Exhibition and humility of the Indian People through vernacular materials along with an innovative and tech driven approach of the brand for Engagement Experiences. A unique and memorable event with seamless integration of Tech x Creative x Design x Digital.

Visual identity interpreting flight

15k sq ft Glass hangar amidst sunder nursery 

Vibrant walkway with Kinetic photo-op installation at welcome 

Immersive AR kite gallery powered by google Lens

Tech enabled Doodle station engaging audiences 

Interactive Digital engagements for visitors to explore and express 

Curated entertainment with diversity of music

Sustainable material choices for production.

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