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INDIA 2023

Digital Campaigns

To get more people to the Google Play Store. Enter Google Play Live. 


Concurrent Viewers


Conversations in chat

7.5 M

Views In The First 3 Days


Hours Of Watchtime

To get more people to the Google Play Store. Enter Google Play Live. 

We built a livestream event that reflects the world of Google Play Store to share the latest deals in apps and games in a way that will catch the most eyeballs with the most concurrent views.

The Biggest Indian gamers coming together like never before for Live Gameplays, challenges and more to win deals on popular games and apps.

Taking the Indian edition to a whole new level. An all India 3 hour interactive livestream - the ultimate gaming battle. Google Play’s first ever livestreaming event in India!

Tanmay & Suhani turned Google Play Live into a fun battleground where their teams of creators fought for the coolest deals from the Google Play Store with some help from the stream itself through chat engagements, live polls and more.

A deconstructed lively, colourful set spread out across 6 stages. A live audience of 100+ youthful players played out with a fun and exciting script keeping Indian audiences engaged, excited and interested consistently throughout the entire 3 hour stream by keeping it authentic and  true to the spirit of Google Play Store. Key Strategic interventions led to development of novel tech solutions. 

A gamified stream.

Engaging live chats. 

Live Polls.

And some quintessential great Indian tadka.

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