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Live Events

A Whole New Breed of SUV

A Flagship launch event that created incredible Social buzz

To produce a Unique Launch Format for the new Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

A Whole New Breed of SUVs in ACTION that dominates all terrains (Urban Highways, City roads, wild and Hills). This event also introduces the all-new Nexaverse car booking experience.

A whole new breed of SUVs demanded a whole new world of experience. Reimagining the experiential by having all 4 cars on stage to showcase in a Grand 360 immersive surround experience across 60,000 sq. ft. with a Central circular stage.

A larger than life, IMMERSIVE 360 REVEAL of the entire ‘Breed of Grand Vitara, leading up to an unforgettable photo op with all the cars. Circular alignment of  LED screens. 

3 primary and 6 vertical screens

Audience amphitheatre seating 

Programmable ceiling light trails

Showcase cars to drive in 2/3/4 turntables

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