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Think Outside Think EXTER.


Media Attended

A grand launch event for the newest entrant in Hyundai’s SUV segment around the communication. Think Outside Think EXTER.

Bringing this key message into an experiential space. In the Lap of Nature - The EXTER Experience. More fun, livelier, full of energy and outdoorsy launch inside the convention centre also accommodating unconventional presentations.

The experience of an elevated LED screen with extension into the ceiling and sides extending towards the audience creating an immersive experience. The Exciting Mega Launch - the ceiling LED shows visuals of a chopper arriving and a car is released from the top onto the stage, while 2 cars drive in from amidst the audience, driving up the central ramp and onto the stage.

The unveil moment had a single minded purpose - to exemplify “Think Outside. Think Exter” by bringing the outside and inside in an impactful, memorable sequence resulting in a 5 minute Unreal powered capsule building a narrative of the Exter moving through the enchanted woods until being airlifted by a helicopter onto the stage for a grand arrival.

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