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Realizing the Potential of Digital India

Honourable PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi, drove a vehicle 5335 kms away in Stockholm over a 5G network in real time.


Visitors in 4 Days


RFID Registrations


Visitors at each zone

Ericsson demonstrating the transformational power of 5G at the India Mobile Congress 2022. India Mobile Congress, Asia’s biggest mobile, internet, and technology event, was themed on ‘Encapsulate, Engage and Experience’. The 4-day event included 5G demos, use cases, and panel discussions on different topics related to opportunities with and benefits of 5G at the India Mobile Congress.

Creating the Experiential Next with 16 immersive demos and pushing event experience technology to the max, to ‘Imagine Possible’ at Ericsson Pavilion at IMC 2022.

A 500 sq metre booth, with 16 fully immersive demo zones - acting as portals into the future. From planting rice in the metaverse, to watching industrial robots work in the factory of the future, immersing oneself in cloud gaming, conducting meetings with a person's hologram in real time and watching a doctor diagnose a patient in an ambulance even as they get driven to the hospital. Making science fiction a reality.

Team Communique won the ‘Best Interactive Exhibitor of the year’ award at IMC.

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