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Live Events

'Rings of Innovation'

The Honourable PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi, visited the booth and made a presence at three Demos zones which included Kavach, 4D Replay and 6G Zero Energy Devices.


Visitors in 4 Days


RFID Registrations

Ericsson envisions a future where India leads the way in harnessing the full potential of the digital era at the India Mobile Congress 2023.

Creating the Experiential Next with 22 immersive demos and pushing event experience technology to the max, to ‘Powering India’s Tomorrow - 5G & Beyond ’ at Ericsson Pavilion at IMC 2023.

A_sq metre booth, with 22 fully immersive demo zones - acting as portals into the future. Creative use of ceiling as an element to create a dynamic visual story that catches attention. Layout of the demos in a way that kept the mass interest demos front and centre. Spread the other demos in a logical manner keeping in mind the information flow. Mount the demos as hi-impact photo-ops that compels people to share the images on their social channels.

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