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Brand Experience Spaces

A Gamified Tasting Experience


Partners Attendees

One of the largest Annual Dealers Conferences in the Automobile industry.

When The Power of Now needed to meet the Vision for Next for India’s largest Passenger Vehicle Company, just a big canvas felt small. It demanded something magnum. The experience design and production brought to life the sheer power of the theme - ‘Now & Next’ With scale, superlative content, innovation, and technology. An immersive, tech-led experience, abundant with joyful moments. Truly Maruti Suzuki!

One single 4000+ Sq Ft curved panoramic LED screen crowned with 2000 MI bars, with multiple vertical live feed screens extending into the audience came alive with high-impact custom designed content to create a layered and immersive experience. 100,000 Sq. Ft. Jasmine Hall in the Jio Convention Centre Conference and a spectacular gala with awards, glamour and high octane entertainment. Over 14 hours of content including films, music and mixed media performances ensured that the energy in the room kept peaking.

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