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Nexsense Experience


Pax from the MSIL service team from all over India across two days

Create an impactful event that brings together Maruti Suzuki's entire service team, fostering unity and shared understanding of the company's vision and future path, while offering a fresh conference experience that stands out from the previous years.

When technology doesn’t just react, it senses and acts proactively, we arrive at the Next in Service. This is the Nexsense Experience. We translated this theme into building a high impact conference experience that floats across into an exhibition showcase with various product zones, all which highlighted the next in service experience for Maruti Suzuki.

We smartly brought alive the Nexsense experience through all of our design setups, content and engagements and delivered the next level of service experience. The larger-than-life panoramic curved screenscape for the conference and exhibition showcased Maruti’s future vision for the new age customer. Additionally, a high octane entertainment gala dinner experience with Kanika Kapoor and in house performances, added to the glamour and helped deliver the NEXT sense of experience for everyone

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