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The Next Leap


Partner Attendees

Maruti Suzuki Vendor Conference is an annual event of Maruti Suzuki involving supplier partners. MSIL invites top vendors including MSIL top management who to communicate vision, medium term outlook and glimpses of performances of previous years followed by a grand award ceremony.

When The NEXT LEAP needed to meet the vision for India’s largest Passenger Vehicle Company, just a big canvas felt small. It demanded something magnum. The experience design and production brought to life the sheer power of the theme - “The Next Leap - Create Local with Global Mindset” With scale, superlative content, innovation, and technology.

A Linear 270 Experience with screens on all 3 sides. 

  • Central Watchout Presentation 20m x 4m 

  • Presenter Live Feed 2m x 4m - 2 nos 

Conference and a spectacular gala with awards, glamour and high octane entertainments from Harshdeep Kaur & Faridkot.

Exhibitions introduced for the 1st time as a part of the conference. Display 6 partner showcases.

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