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Live Events

WhatsApp's new feature- Communities

We created a cost-effective space to host a panel discussion that led to engaging and organic conversations around the WhatsApp Communities feature.

To launch WhatsApp's new feature- Communities by showcasing its usefulness and relevance to various, diverse communities across the country, demonstrating how WhatsApp is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of its users

Intertwining stories across a diverse set of people threading together their experiences and how those are intrinsically a part of WhatsApp. Bringing alive communities in a seamless and integrated manner through real, authentic moments. Our design approach is rooted in grassroots principle that involves capturing the unique essence of local communities and bringing it to life through carefully crafted showcase zones.

We developed a compelling main AV that highlights how WhatsApp has made a significant impact on India at the grassroot level through authentic stories. Additionally, we created three impactful testimonial films featuring members of local communities, showcasing how the Communities feature has benefited them, and how it has the potential to benefit India as a whole. The AVs led to more meaningful conversations through a roundtable discussion, with the Meta leadership along with the community leaders.

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